Student Workers


Gabriella Ramos, Communication & Social Media Specialist

Gabriella Ramos (she/her/ella) is a student worker for both WISE and The Bio/Diversity Project. She is from Phoenix, Arizona, and is in her third year here at the University of Arizona. Gaby is currently double majoring in Psychology and Spanish Translations. She hopes to one day be in the medical field to be an advocate and better the BIPOC community’s healthcare. Gaby is thrilled to be working with WISE to promote diversity within the STEM field with her creativity and knowledge! And loves working with the Bio/Diversity Project to encourage inclusion online and in the environment! Please contact Gabriella at with any questions or comments. #uastem










Karla Paredes Aguilar, Imagine Your Stem Future Student Worker

Karla Paredes Aguilar (She/Her/Ella) is a junior studying Astronomy with a minor in Educational Psychology at the UA. Originally from Honduras, Karla is a student leader and returning mentor with the Imagine Your STEM Future program. Karla is passionate about education motivation and diversifying STEM fields. She hopes to continue her academic path into a PhD program and work on being a Science Educator to promote STEM in ways that are fun and engaging for everyone. Even though her experiences heavily focus on educational research, it is equally important to her to connect with the local community to empower underrepresented students to pursue their STEM dreams. IYSF has provided Karla with the opportunity to work closely with local youth and provided her with unique experiences!






Sabina Iturralde, Imagine Your Stem Future Student Worker

Sabina Iturralde is a Graduate Student at the University of Arizona studying Educational Psychology and a second-year doctoral student. She completed her Bachelor of Art in Psychology and a minor in Special Education in the Spring of 2021. Sabina enjoys learning about the human mind and the education field. She likes to travel and listen to music. Sabina is thrilled to be a part of Imagine Your Stem Future, she loves providing guidance to students involving their academic and career-related goals!











Gayleen Cubillas Reyes, Imagine Your STEM Future Student Worker

Gayleen Cubillas Reyes is a senior at the University of Arizona majoring in Public Health with a global health emphasis and a minor in business administration. She also received an associates degree in science from Pima Community College. What led her to participate in the Imagine Your STEM Future Program is the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields. As an intern in this program she is looking forward to teaching high school girls the importance of STEM fields and helping girls develop a positive STEM identity so they can pursue their educational and career goals.





Karla Togawa, Imagine Your STEM Future Student Worker

Karla Togawa is a sophomore at the University of Arizona, studying Mining Engineering. In her high school career, SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), a UA club, came to teach STEM workshops, igniting a passion for engineering in Karla. Determined to spread that same passion for STEM back to her community, she joined WISE in their IYSF program and is elated to see young women grow to bridge the gap between underrepresented groups and STEM. Karla is excited to move forward in mining, focusing on lessening the environmental and social impacts mines often cause, ensuring that the industry moves forward sustainably. Beyond school, Karla loves watching her garden flourish and taking her dogs on hikes.







Saige Jensen, Imagine Your STEM Future Student Worker

Saige Jensen is currently a junior at The University of Arizona. She is studying Public Health and hopes to go to Physicians Assistant school after she receives her bachelor. Saige Jensen is part of W. A. Franke Honors College and is also involved in the Physicians Assistant Pre-Honorary club. Saige is very passionate about encouraging women to go into STEM.  Imagine Your STEM Future Program is a great way to help high school women think about having a career in STEM.   She is very thrilled to be working with young women about the many opportunities STEM has to offer.







Sakshi Karra, Imagine Your STEM Future Student Worker

Sakshi Karra is a senior at the University of Arizona, majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Environmental Sciences. She applied for the Imagine Your STEM Future Program because she has future aspirations in becoming a teacher and a doctor, for which she can implement her experiences in this internship for these occupations as she learn to teach students and become a well rounded mentor. Sakshi believes it is important for every student to have a proper scientific background in order to make well informed decisions in their daily life. So, she hopes to share her love for science, especially as a female researcher and scientist, with these high schoolers and help guide them through the field towards success.







Samantha Mata Robles, WISE Student Worker 

Samantha Mata Robles is a passionate and determined girl from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Having seen early in her life how many people didn't have access to a quality lifestyle due to the lack of affordable health services and products, she decided to pursue a Biomedical Engineering Major, as it perfectly blends both of her passions, helping others and STEM. Throughout her short life, she has become an active asset in youth empowerment and leadership development. However, her short experience in the world of STEM has made her realize how much disparity there is for women in these fields. Now, she's made it her goal to contribute as much as possible to improve this situation, as well as to empower and provide an integral preparation for all the women in STEM. Please contact Sam at with any questions.




Vanessa Campbell, Girls Who Code Program Coordinator

Vanessa Campbell (she/her) is the Lead Facilitator/Program Coordinator for Girls Who Code. She was previously a student in Girls Who Code and now helps to close the gender gap in STEM while familiarizing students with the University of Arizona Campus. Vanessa is double majoring in Management Information Systems and Operations and Supply Chain Management while double minoring in Information Sciences Technology and the Arts and Fashion. Vanessa hopes to make her way into the corporate world soon but is glad she has the opportunity to work with WISE as they have supported her for many years. If you would like to contact Vanessa for anything, please email her at with your questions or comments.








Brittanie Hoang, Bio/Diversity Project Intern Support Specialist

Brittanie Hoang is a fourth-year biology major and creative writing minor, Brittanie enjoys learning about ways others channel science through creative mediums and making her own ways too! She was previously a Bio/Diversity Project intern, which is how she discovered “teaching” as another creative outlet for science. Now, in the position of a student support specialist, she’ll keep teaching and learning more about both sides of her interests from others, whether that is in a formal classroom or not.










Tashina Farr, Bio/Diversity Project Intern Support Specialist & Campus Outreach Coordinator

Tashina Farr is currently a Junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona. She moved to Tucson from Saudi Arabia, where she was able to develop a love of science thanks to her amazing teachers. While in Saudi Arabia Tashina was able to meet and interact with people from all over the world. Living in Saudi has allowed her to see the importance of diversity in our world! Being able to connect with others and learn from their perspectives is so valuable. The Bio/Diveristy Project is a great program to be a part of in order to help foster diversity in the science fields and support youth who are interested in STEM. Tashina is so grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with amazing people through this fantastic program.










Catherine Broski, Bio/Diversity Project Intern Support Specialist & Campus Outreach Coordinator

Catherine Broski (she/her) is an intern for the CREATES Literacy Project. She began participating in WISE programs as a Bio/Diversity Project Intern in Spring 2022, and this experience reinforced her passion for environmental justice. Her interest in developing  solutions that examine scientific phenomena within a social context drives her work to diversify the STEM field and engage in educational outreach as a part of this team. Catherine is double majoring in Sociology and Geography with a minor in Spanish, and she is from Phoenix, Arizona.