Mentorship Program


Women in STEM Mentorship Program 2022-2023

The Women in STEM Mentorship Program provides University of Arizona graduate and undergraduate STEM students an opportunity to learn from the valuable experiences and wisdom of STEM professionals, faculty, and staff.  The program takes a holistic approach to the mentorship process valuing not only a student’s STEM experiences, but also their entire background and identity as a whole.  This program aims to create diverse, inclusive, and supportive mentoring relationships that foster the retention and success of women in STEM. 

Program Structure: University of Arizona graduate and undergraduate student (mentees) are matched with faculty, staff, and industry associates (mentors) based on their goals, career interests, and background.  The mentor/mentee pairs meet once a month at their convenience to have conversations regarding their STEM trajectory. 

These conversations could include discussions about research, coursework, life post-graduation, how to navigate their respective fields, as well as looking for opportunities for career development.  The program provides a platform for networking and fostering community between women in STEM at the University of Arizona. Mentors and mentees are provided with training in order to help foster the development of meaningful and impactful mentor/mentee relationships.

Mentee Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate students pursing STEM degrees. The program is intentionally designed for female-identifying students but open to anyone.

Mentor Eligibility: STEM professionals (academia, government, industry, non-profit) interested in supporting female-identifying STEM students.

Time Commitment: Attend three virtual events on Oct 15th, January 21st, and April 15th; meet with your mentor/mentee once per month at a time of your choosing for approximately 1 hour.

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