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Research shows that interaction with female STEM mentors plays an important role in helping girls develop a positive STEM identity that supports interest and persistence within STEM. The Imagine Your STEM Future Program does just that by pairing local Raytheon engineers and college students from University of Arizona with high school students at Desert View High School. Mentors commit to participate in the program for an entire school year, providing the opportunity to build sustained, robust relationships with students.

The Imagine Your STEM Future program is integrated into the school day in order to increase accessibility for student participants and takes place 3-4 days per week. The curriculum includes a combination of hands-on STEM activities, reflective group conversations on STEM academic and career pathways, the importance of diversity in science and engineering communities, and visits from inspiring STEM role models.

Imagine Your STEM Future Program

Through implementing the engineering design process, students begin to build STEM skills such as designing, building, and prototyping, but more importantly for this program, learn communication and collaboration skills as they work in small groups. Each element of the program has been chosen based on best practices for maximizing impact on girls’ interest and persistence in STEM. While Imagine Your STEM Future is designed with the interests and experiences of girls in mind, it is open to students regardless of sex or gender.

If you are a UArizona student interested in becoming a mentor, contact for more information.

Fall 2024 Internship with the Imagine Your STEM Future Program

Application deadline: May 24th, 2024 at 12pm.
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Internship Description
The Imagine Your STEM Future (IYSF) program is currently accepting applications and is an in-person, semester-long experience for UArizona students with eligibility to renew and continue in Spring 2025. This internship position requires a time commitment of 3-8 hours per week (depending on your course credit selection). IYSF classes and instructions take place from 7am-9am on Monday/Thursday/Friday. Approximately 2 hours are spent on weekly preparation and bi-weekly intern meetings.  A mandatory IYSF intern orientation will take place on the August 24th and a 2-3 mandatory trainings will be scheduled on Mondays from 3-5pm (dates TBA). To be considered for an internship, you must meet these participation requirements. Interns will be eligible to receive 1-3 course credits across a variety of academic majors.

If you can not meet the minimum internship participation requirements but are interested in supporting the program, you may apply as a volunteer. Volunteers are required to participate at least 5 hours per month and can support the program as guest speakers, field trip chaperones, or classroom assistants. A mandatory IYSF volunteer orientation will take place on the August 24th. To be considered for a volunteer role, you must meet these participation requirements.

Applicants chosen for interviews will be contacted via email after May 24th to set up a zoom interview. Please ensure that you are able to meet the minimum time commitments for this internship or volunteer opportunity before submitting your application. 

Email the IYSF Program Coordinator, Gaby Perez Laurent (