WiSSC Faculty and Staff Fellows


Women in STEM Student Council (WiSSC) Faculty and Staff Fellows Program


Program Description: The WiSSC Faculty and Staff Fellows Program is designed to connect faculty or staff to WiSSC to work collaboratively to achieve the goals of WiSSC. The WiSSC Faculty and Staff Fellows program is open to faculty and staff at the University of Arizona in all tracks.


Two positions are available for the 2019-20 academic year and each fellow will receive a stipend in recognition of the time and energy spent supporting the Council.  Stipend rates will be determined based on position classification and University guidelines regarding supplemental compensation, but will not exceed $5,000 per fellow. 


For the 2019-20 academic year, the two positions are thematically focused around key priority areas identified by the WiSSC Executive board and are as follows:    


Institutional Climate and Policy Development Fellow

We are seeking one staff or faculty fellow who possesses insight in regard to navigating policy reforms within the University of Arizona. We are seeking an applicant with knowledge of the current policies on the University of Arizona campus impacting female-identifying students, including but not limited to paid family leave, child care, and accessible healthcare. Collaboration between this fellow and the WiSSC board will seek to strategically target and improve these policies through programming and communication efforts. These efforts are intended to support student recruitment and retention.


Mental Health and Wellness Fellow

We are seeking one staff or faculty fellow who will assist the WiSSC board with the development and support of programming addressing the mental health needs of diverse underrepresented populations, specifically targeting women and those within the LGBTQ community. The candidate should have a clear understanding of the diversity of women’s experiences across race, income status, LGBTQ status, etc. The applicant should have experience working towards addressing mental health needs and understand the gaps in resources and programming needed to make a measurable difference. Duties include advising the WiSSC executive board on how to make its efforts more diverse and inclusive.


Applications will be accepted May 13-June 18. Decisions will be made by mid-July and fellows will be expected to start their tenure on August 28th.  

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Please contact Meghan Hamilto with questions at meghanotalbot@email.arizona.edu