Director and Staff

Dr. Jill Williams, Director

Dr. Jill Williams stepped in as WISE Director in November of 2014.  Before taking this position, Jill  completed an  MA in Women's Studies fromthe University of Cincinnati and a PhD in Geography from the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University. She has worked extensively with the Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers to increase diversity in the field of geography and promote feminist geographic research more broadly.

In addition to developing and implementing outreach and student engagement opportunities as Director of WISE, Jill also maintains an active research agenda focused on understanding contemporary border and immigration enforcement policies and their effects.  You can read more about her scholarly work here.

Please contact Jill at if you are interested in getting involved with WISE or have other questions. 


Adriana Stohn, Girls Who Code Coordinator and Lead Facilitator

Adriana Stohn is a senior working towards her B.S. in Optical Sciences and Engineering. Adriana is the program coordinator and lead facilitator for the University of Arizona’s chapter of Girls Who Code. She strives to not only teach middle and high school aged girls how to code, but also to instill confidence in their ability to tackle daunting challenges. Her long term goal is to make computer science and other STEM careers more accessible to the community at large.



Caitlin Meyer Krause, Graduate Research Assistant

Caitlin Meyer Krause is the Graduate Research Assistant for the Bio/Diversity Program at WISE. In addition, she is the Graduate Research Assistant for the research project Sociopolitical Praxis in Science Education at SIROW. She is a current Master of Public Health Student at the University of Arizona, with a focus in Maternal and Child Health.

Caitlin graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Education and Anthropology. She spent a total of four years working in public schools, both in Nebraska and in the Dominican Republic, as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Prior to moving to Tucson, Caitlin worked at the University of Texas Medical Branch on a grant-funded project with the HPV vaccine.




Elena Greenberg, Bio/Diveristy Project Program Coordinator

Elena Greenberg is the Program Coordinator for the Bio/Diversity Project, which is an environmental outreach program run through WISE. She helps collaborate and communicate between UA students, TUSD teachers, and the WISE partner organizations. In addition to her role as program coordinator, Elena is a current Master of Public Health Student at the University of Arizona, with a focus in Health Behavior Health Promotion.

Elena graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies in 2015. For the next two years, Elena served with FoodCorps in Prescott Arizona as a garden and nutrition educator, where she worked to establish new school gardens as well as create and deliver culturally-relevant Farm to School curriculum. Thereafter, she worked for FoodCorps as the Arizona Service Member recruiter and as a Grant Evaluator for the Whole Kids Foundation. She also worked as a garden teacher for two rural schools in New Mexico, on the Santo Domingo and Cochiti Pueblos. 

Please contact Elena at with any questions about the Bio/Diversity Project.


Amelia Lappenbusch, Bio/Diversity Intern Support Specialist 

Amelia Lappenbusch is a sophomore currently earning her B.S. in Biology and in Classics with an emphasis in Latin. Amelia is working with the Bio/Diversity Project in the role of intern support. In addition to editing lesson plans, she meets weekly with interns to assist in classroom management and other relevent teaching skills. Amelia is also teaching environmental education to two 8th grade classes at Mansfeld Middle Magnet School this semester.
Amelia is interested in biological research, and also works at the University of Arizona's Yao Laboratory assisting in the study of the cell cycle. She hopes to one day perform her own research to have a lasting positive impact on public health. Science communication and outreach are very important to Amelia, who has also served as the Undergraduate Intern for the BioQuest Academy Program at Seattle's Center for Infectious Disease Research (now part of Seattle Children's Research Institute), a program which provides hands-on laboratory experience for underrepresented youth in the greater Seattle area. She is a strong believer in the importance of a diverse scientific community and cultural relevant teaching practices for youth.

Hana Boscarino, Campus Outreach Coordinator 

Hana Boscarino is a sophomore working toward her B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Hana is the Outreach Coordinator for the Bio/Diversity Project. She also works as a Director for the University of Arizona’s Eco Rep program, providing UA housing residents with environmental education. Hana helps connect people to the Bio/Diversity project and broadens community awareness of environmental education. Hana has a passion for environmentalism and sustainability and hopes to work in sustainable energy in the future. 



Adalee Martinez, Saguaro National Park Education Coordinator

Adalee Martinez is a sophomore majoring in environmental science with an emphasis in biology. Adalee is a former intern of the Bio/Diversity project and now work-study affiliated at the Saguaro National Park. Her role as an educator specialist at the Saguaro West is to help with outreach to younger students about the mission of national parks, conservation areas, and inform students about native animals and plants in the Sonoran Desert.

Adalee also works in a microbiology lab as an undergrad lab technician. Here, she does research on microbial communities in relation to environmental factors such as urbanization, time and geography. Adalee is passionate about community engagement, outreaching to underrepresented students and serving as a role model as a Chicana in science. 


Natalie Thompson, Saguaro National Park Education Coordinator

Natalie Thompson is a junior at the University of Arizona studying Natural Resources with an emphasis on Conservation Biology. In the Fall of 2018, she interned for the Bio/Diversity Project, which allowed her to develop a passion for environmental education outreach. Additionally, this internship exposed Natalie to careers within the National Park Service, where she now works as the National Park Liaison and Education Outreach Coordinator. Natalie is passionate about educating others on the natural world around them, and advocating greatly for the mission of the Bio/Diversity Project -- to strive towards greater representation of minority voices heard within the scientific community.