2018-2019 Workshops

2018-19 Panel Descriptions

The Women in STEM Panel series aims to provide high school and undergraduate students with opportunities to learn from and interact with successful women in STEM.  Each panel will feature a number of faculty, researchers, and local STEM professionals who will reflect on their experience in relation to the topic of the evening.  This is a great opportunity to meet other young women interested in STEM fields and build relationships with professionals dedicacted to fostering the entry, success, and advancement of women in STEM.  Dinner is provided at each event, with vegetarian and gluten free options. This program is generously funded by the UA Commission on the Status of Women.

September 25: Goal Setting for Academic and Personal Success

To kick off the academic year, our first workshop will focus on goal setting. We’ll talk about goal-setting strategies and approaches and small and large group discussions will focus on sharing strategies for achieving our goals and ways to make the best of the times when we don’t quite achieve our goals.

October 23: STEM Majors and Career Possibilities Panel

What different STEM majors and graduate programs are available at the UA?  How do different majors prepare you to enter different careers?  Answering these questions is the focus of this panel discussion.  The panel will be composed of members of the mentorship program, UA faculty and researchers, and local STEM professionals.  In addition to talking about direct links between STEM majors and particular careers, panelists will also be asked to reflect on how possible it is to transition between STEM fields. 

November 13: Internships and Research Experiences

Getting involved in internships and research experiences is a useful way to explore career possibilities, gain useful skills, and build relationships with successful STEM professionals.  However, sometimes it's hard to know where to look to find information on internships or research experiences or how to make sure your application is competetive.  This workshop will provide you with information on some of the great internship and research experiences offered through the UA and local industries and organizations.  Panelists will share information on opportunities that are available as well as insight on how to make sure your application is as competitive as possible!

February 19: Being Empowered and Asking for Help

What are some different campus and off-campus resources for when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Discussions will include how to deal with mental health, stress, and overall wellness. Panel representatives will include a variety of organizations offering services and advice, as well as those who have reached out to get help.

March: No panel event. Instead, join us at the annual Science and Engineering Excellence Banquet and Launching Your Career Symosium!

April 16: Making Connections and Getting a Job

This workshop will focus on selling yourself on paper and in person. We’ll discuss the do's and don’ts of resume and CV writing, how to stand out in an in-person or telephone interview, and how to make the most of networking opportunities. 


2018-2019 Workshops

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