Women in STEM Student Council

The Women in STEM Student Council (WiSSC) is a student-directed council that supports the recruitment, retention, and graduation of female-identifying students pursuing degrees in STEM at the University of Arizona (UA).  WiSSC serves as a network for the many existing “Women in STEM” graduate/undergraduate student groups and STEM departments and develops university-wide, coordinated programs.  WiSSC also works with university administration at several levels to set university-wide priorities, identify areas of need, and inform policy to foster a diverse and inclusive STEM environment at UA that truly represents the demographics of the state of Arizona. This initiative is the largest institutionalized university effort directed at supporting the entry and success of women in STEM fields in the United States.  This makes UA a leader in creating the kind of diverse and inclusive STEM communities that are necessary for grappling with the pressing challenges of the 21st century.

This initiative is funded by the UA Office of the Provost and housed in the Women in Science and Engineering Program and Southwest Institute for Research on Women.  

Executive Board

The WiSSC is overseen by a nine-member executive board composed of undergraduate and graduate students.  

Board Position Descriptions

  • President (graduate student): Collaborates with undergraduate president to oversee Council activities and organization and ensure that objectives are met; serves as primary liaison with UA administrators and campus and community partners.


  • President (undergraduate student): Collaborates with graduate president to oversee Council activities and organization and ensure that objectives are met; serves as primary liaison with UA administrators and campus and community partners.


  • Vice President of Funding: oversees funding competitions for travel grants and events/programs grants.


  • Vice President of Outreach: receive community requests for STEM outreach and coordinating a campus-wide calendar of outreach activities and opportunities; work with community and campus and partners to identify opportunities for new outreach events.


  • Vice President of Communication: manage Council email list and circulate meeting notes and announcement via listserv and on website; work with staff to create promotional materials


  • Vice President of Professional Development and Mentorship Programs: work with staff to coordinate periodic professional development events and facilitate a mentorship program that links UA students with STEM professionals on campus and in the community.


  • At Large Position (three positions available): support the work of the Council and Council initiatives as needed and identify and pursue special projects.

Expectations and Compensation

Executive Board Members are expected to commit approximately 3 hours per week (during the academic year) to Council-related activities, including monthly meetings and participation on Council-related activities.  Minimal emailing and/or skype meetings may be needed during summer months and/or over winter break.  Board Members are compensated at a rate of $1,000 per semester. 

In an effort to provide the stability necessary to ensure that the Women in STEM Student Council can successfully get off the ground, we are asking that prospective Executive Board Members commit to serving a minimum of two semesters (spring 2019 and fall 2019) and maximum of three semesters (through spring 2020) before re-election. Based on the availability and interest of Executive Board applicants, the organizational structure working group of the WiSSC will determine if all terms will be the same length or if terms will be staggered in order to enhance the stability of the Council as it is established 

To apply to join the Board, please click HERE

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of staff and faculty in order to identify top candidates; final selection will be determined by a campus-wide vote.


2019 Board Initiatives and Programs

WiSSC programming and events are decided on by members of the Executive Board in consulation with faculty and staff advisors and students from across campus. Based on input gathered at public meetings held in the spring and fall of 2018, we anticipate launching the following programs and events during 2019. 

Full-day professional devleopment workshop and research symposium

One-on-one mentorship program linking UA students to faculty/staff, alumni, and industry professionals

Professional development series for undergraduate and graduate students

Social events to build networks and community across campus 

Welcome event for incoming women in STEM in fall 2019