2016-17 Workshops

STEM Pipeline Mentorship Program 2016-17 Workshops

WISE launched the STEM Pipeline Mentorship Program in 2015 as a way to support young women pursuing STEM fields and careers through a peer and near-peer group mentoring structure. This program is generously funded by the UA Commission on the Status of Women.


Sept., 13: Goal Setting for Academic and Personal Success & Internship Panel

To kick-off the academic year, our first workshop will focus on goal setting. We’ll talk about goal-setting strategies and approaches and small and large group discussions will focus on sharing strategies for achieving our goals and ways to make the best of the times when we don’t quite achieve our goals.  Our discussion of goal setting will be followed by a panel of women who have recently participated in STEM internships who will share their experiences and give tips for how to find and obtain internships.  


Oct. 11: STEM Major and Career Panel

What different STEM majors and graduate programs are available at the UA?  How do different majors prepare you to enter different careers?  Answering these questions is the focus of this panel discussion.  The panel will be composed of members of the mentorship program, UA faculty and researchers, and local STEM professionals.  In addition to talking about direct links between STEM majors and particular careers, panelists will also be asked to reflect on how possible (or not) it is to transition between STEM fields.  


Nov. 15: Finding and Making the Most of Research Opportunities

This workshop will focus on both 1) strategies for finding research opportunities at different points in your academic journey and 2) how to make the most of research experiences.  From approaching professors to ask about participating in their research to applying for competitive summer research programs, this workshop will give you an overview of various opportunities that exist at the UA and elsewhere.  Members of the mentorship program who have experience seeking out and participating in various research programs.  

Dec. 13: TBD

Jan. 17: Financing Your STEM Education

As the cost of undergraduate and graduate education continues to climb, figuring out how to finance your STEM education is increasingly important.  In this workshop, we’ll discuss various approaches to financing your education (e.g., scholarships, grants, fellowships, student loans) and discuss the positive and negative aspects of different funding options.  Please come to this workshop with the application details of one scholarship, fellowship, or grant you are interested in applying for. 


Feb. 21: Making Connections and Getting a Job 

This workshop will focus on selling yourself on paper and in person. We’ll discuss the dos and don’t of resume and CV writing, how to stand out in an in-person or telephone interview, and how to make the most of networking opportunities.  


Date TBD: Negotiating Challenging Situations and Becoming a STEM Leader

Sexual harassment, microagressions, and imposter syndrome are just some of the challenges that women and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields frequently face.  In this workshop, we’ll discuss these challenges and strategies for dealing with them, as well as how you can become a leader in your STEM community and help foster the development of a welcoming and inclusive environment.  


2016-17 Workshops

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